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Looking to migrate from Avaya? See how switching to CXone can help.

Boost CX and productivity with chat.
Most customers prefer chat, a single interface across channels makes agents more productive.
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Bring your website alive.

Meet customers in their preferred digital channels and use co-browsing, file sharing, and filling in online forms with your high-value customers. Using one single interface for interaction handling, customer sentiment, data, and interaction history across channels turns every interaction into a “personal affair”.

And CXone empowers agents to concurrently handle multiple digital interactions at a time which helps to increase productivity. Chatbots can take over simple interactions to unburden agents – just remember to ensure customers can reach an agent when needed.

Your customers love to chat.

More chat interactions with higher Net Promoter Score® Turn visiting your website into a two-way conversation and discover why web chat has among the highest NPS® of all interaction channels.
More conversations, higher NPS

Make visiting your website a two-way conversation and discover why chat has among the highest NPS of any channel.

Increase conversions, reduce abandons
Help and advise your customers in real- time when they order online or fill in a form – no need to start over or call in.

Less waiting, more chatting
Empower your agents to concurrently handle multiple chat and other digital interactions to use the time between customer replies in a productive way.
Improve productivity and provide better CX using chat.

ECSI, provider of higher education solutions, saw the writing on the wall: Students wanted to interact in a faster and easier channel than voice. CXone Chat has made the grade: customer satisfaction is up, productivity has soared and cost continues to fall.

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“With Advanced Chat and Cobrowse for CXone, the customer experience has dramatically improved with much shorter wait times, and our productivity has soared.”
Mike Bowman
Senior Contact Center Manager ECSI

Make customers and agents happy.

Improve CX

Turn your website from a static source of information into a dynamic hub for customer interactions by offering the channel your customers prefer and support your agents with customer data, sentiment and interaction history for a superior customer experience.
Reach out to salvage abandons
Recognize when high-value customers are lost or struggle with an order or a form and proactively reach out to provide hands-on support to help them succeed.
Boost cross- and upsell

Give customers real-time guidance with co-browsing and hands-on support with screen sharing, form filling and other collaboration tools.
Make chat more productive

Give your agents one interface that is optimized for handling one or multiple chat or other digital interactions at a time - audio and visual alerts help them keep track.
Help agents with tools and automation
Give agents the tools to streamline chat handling like message templates that reduce typing and help with speed and accuracy. Use bots to collect customer data or automate repetitive steps. With a chatbot, you can even turn entire chat interactions into self-service interactions.
Chat made easy

Use one platform to administer and manage the chat channel in lockstep with other digital channels, including chatbots and automation.
Make chat secure
Trust us to help you make chat safe and compliant with features like masking or targeted deletion of content subject to compliance.
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