CXone Agent for SugarCRM datasheet


Keeping contact center agents focused and productive is easier when their work takes place within the familiar CRM environment they know. CXone Agent for SugarCRM displays contact handling controls, along with contact and customer information, in a unified interface. With quick and easy access to the tools and information they need, agents can handle more interactions in less time—and deliver more personalized service to every customer. CRM data can be used to identify customers and connect them to the ideal agent, improving first contact resolution, average handle time, and customer and agent satisfaction. CXone Agent for SugarCRM deploys in hours and scales as your business needs evolve.

White Papers

Amplifying Inside Sales with AI & CRM in the Contact Center

Learn how to bolster the value of your AI investment by ensuring you have a truly holistic view of your customer preferences and journeys — a view that is only exposed through a seamless integration of your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and your contact center.


Improving Your Agent Experience, One Step at a Time

Research reveals there is a foundational relationship between agent experience and good customer experience. The more a contact center can engage and motivate agents – the less attrition it will experience, which positively affects customers and the organization. This webinar takes leaders through the process of building agent experience maturity, one step at a time. 


Research shows agents spend 16% of their time searching for information across 4-7 apps when working with customers – and switch screens up to 1,100 times a day. It’s no wonder agents are frustrated, and customers become irritated. This webinar helps leaders understand the critical role easy-to-use systems play in resolving issues faster, increasing agent engagement and improving customer experience.