3 Ways Agent Experience is Boosting Customer Experience


Anyone can deliver a good customer experience. But to deliver an experience that exceeds expectations and leads to lasting customer loyalty? That requires more. By giving your agents the right tools, skill development and focus, they can provide incredible experiences to your customers on every channel while forming unbreakable bonds.

In this webinar, agent experience expert Lori Bocklund of Strategic Contact discusses how you can empower your agents to provide a 5-star experience to every customer.

  • Find out why it’s more important than ever to focus on developing your agents
  • See the vision for the optimized agent in 2020 and beyond
  • Understand ways to develop your agents’ skills to enable them to solve complex requests
  • Learn how setting consistent goals leads to consistent service
  • See how your agents can resolve customer issues faster with the right tools

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to leverage best practices in agent experience to take your Customer Experience to the next level!

White Papers

ICMI Agent Experience Maturity Model & Toolkit

Agent Experience is a key driver for Customer Experience. In this toolkit, we’ll provide you with a framework that you can use to enhance your agent experience while improving the overall effectiveness, and impact of your contact center. Using this toolkit, you can assess your team’s level of AX maturity, so you can identify continuous improvement opportunities and become more proactive. With the step by step resources of this toolkit at your disposal and a reliable strategy in place, you will enrich the AX within your contact center, to better align people, process, and technology efforts more successfully.

White Papers

Agents are the biggest assets in contact centers. Learn first hand from agents, supervisors and Senior management on what motivates and engages the agents the most. Learn more interesting data around agent training, onboarding, performance, tools and many more from this ICMI survey on agent experience and agent engagement.


Improving Your Agent Experience, One Step at a Time

Research reveals there is a foundational relationship between agent experience and good customer experience. The more a contact center can engage and motivate agents – the less attrition it will experience, which positively affects customers and the organization. This webinar takes leaders through the process of building agent experience maturity, one step at a time.