Customers expect proactive service.

CXone ContactEngine is a comprehensive AI-powered solution that enables organizations to have proactive, multi-day, asynchronous conversations – interacting with customers through their channels of choice to pre-empt their needs before they reach out for service. CXone ContactEngine manages intelligent conversations, transforming the efficiency and costs of operations, and revolutionizing customer experience.
Serve your customers proactively.
Make customers smile

Engaging customers in proactive conversation at just the right moment in their journey makes their experience so simple and effortless that they can’t help but smile.

Reduce cost to serve

Pre-empt inbound calls and get to know what each customer is thinking, so that you can take the right action first time, reducing cost to serve.

Immediate, tangible results

Reduce cost to serve from day 1
and realize an in-year ROI.

“Leveraging technology like CXone SmartReach helps us achieve our goal to enable meaningful automated experiences from ordering to installation….We’ve only just scratched the surface on the many use cases that CXone SmartReach can support within TELUS and have already seen a fantastic return on investment”
Chris Shave
Business Analysis Manager TELUS
Ask customers,
don’t tell

Unlike notifications, proactive conversations invite the customer to respond by asking them a question, meaning you get to know exactly what each customer wants to do.

Have whole journey conversations

Most customer journeys last more than a day – engage each customer in a single, seamless conversation across the whole of their journey no matter how long it lasts.

Further increase automation

Further increase automation with proactive conversations that connect with your systems to automate transactions and deliver over 90% containment.

Identify journey optimization opportunities

Comprehensive conversational analytics allow otherwise hidden customer journey optimization opportunities to be identified and implemented.

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