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Customer Journey Analytics

Customer Journey Analytics connects and transforms disparate customer interactions into a single, consolidated journey. With a holistic view of the end-to-end customer journey, marketers and CX practitioners can uncover cross-channel inefficiencies and optimize business processes from the customer’s perspective.

Discover how customers flow through touchpoints, where they are stalling, validate pre-defined journeys, and understand interaction behavior at scale. Customer Journey Analytics offers accurate analysis for where to start designing, orchestrating, and refining journeys to maximize CX.

Exceptional journeys, exceptional returns.
Accelerate time to insight
Integrated AI cuts through the noise to automatically surface key insights and dramatically reduce the time it takes to uncover and act upon the root causes of problematic journeys.
Visualize real customer journeys
Integrated business intelligence visualization enables less “tech-savvy” business users to take advantage of advanced analytics, resulting in faster decision-making.
Measure and Predict Journey Success
AI connects and analyzes millions of disparate digital data points to identify poor resolution paths and recommend improvement opportunities proactively.
Customer journey analytics

Customer Journey Analytics shapes disparate, multichannel customer data into seamless, effortless experiences through customer journey analytics.

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“By implementing NICE, we aim to improve customer journeys, process effectiveness, prevent fraud, and improve the relationship with our regulatory agency.”
Eduardo Mazon
Executive Director Banco BMG
Shape your omnichannel customer experience.
Organize your data
Gather and connect customer identities and interactions across every touchpoint to form a 360° view of every customer.
Analyze customer behavior
Discover and investigate shifts in behaviors and key interaction patterns to understand the root causes behind negative interactions.
Improve omni-channel journeys
Utilize the Journey Excellence Score to measure omni-channel experiences and surface key insights to troubleshoot problematic business processes.
Help customers self-serve
Evaluate digital self-service journeys that drop out to the contact center to reduce operational costs and improve customer experiences.
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