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Looking to migrate from Avaya? See how switching to CXone can help.

Real-Time Customer Authentication.
Deliver better experiences and shorter handle times in your contact center, with real-time voice authentication that changes the conversation.
A better experience
No more interrogation. Completely eliminate hassle by immediately authenticating customers securely when they call.
Safeguard every transaction
Improve the security of every interaction – including calls that require multi-factor ID & verification.
Save time, reduce costs
Spend less time validating customer identity. Empower them to self-serve on requests that previously required agent assistance.
NICE authentication solution.
Enhance your privacy and data protection while providing a great customer experience.
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Skip straight to service.

The NICE authentication solution is a real-time voice authentication for your contact center, letting customers skip straight to service for better experiences and shorter handle times. Voice biometrics automatically verifies customers and prevents fraud in a more streamlined, secure and reliable way that eliminates the typically time-consuming interrogation.

Significantly reduce average handle time (AHT) by automatically authenticating callers in the first few seconds of a natural conversation, for the utmost security with operational savings. Simple to implement and pre-integrated with CXone ACD and IVR, Customer Voice Authentication features unified agent interfaces with built-in guidance for accelerated onboarding and training.

An easier, more secure way.
Shift more customers to self-service by automating interactions that previously required human interaction to verify caller identity.
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NICE ENLIGHTEN Fraud Prevention.
Discover how NICE ENLIGHTEN Fraud Prevention infuse voice biometrics and AI to expose fraudsters.
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From “Who are you?” to “How can I help you?”
Get down to business safer and faster
Authenticate customers within the first few seconds of a conversation leveraging the same voiceprint on both live agent and IVR channels.
Prevent fraud at the door
Let the good guys in. Keep the bad guys out. Enhance fraud prevention- in real time.
Reach faster ROI
Leverage historical calls and enrollment allowing authentication from day one.
Streamline administration
Administration and maintenance in one unified CXone platform.
Expand self-service
Expand self-service for common needs like password resets, account balances, fund transfers, points status, and plan changes that require customer authentication.
Built-in agent guidance
Provide reassurance and reduce stress: Confirmation pop-ups tell agents if a caller was authenticated.
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Fighting Fraud Where it Strikes Most: The Contact Center

Fighting Fraud Where it Strikes Most: The Contact Center.