Call center benchmarks, ROI and calculators
Whether its contact center metrics you need to calculate or you want to see what return you will get on your cloud contact center investment, get all the important numbers and see how you compare to your peers with these free contact center tools.
Contact center KPI benchmark & analysis
Understand how your contact center performance stacks up against your industry peers. These comparative metrics can help you identify improvements and determine what management decisions to make next.

NICE CXone ROI calculator
This Forrester Consulting interactive tool commissioned by NICE CXone will help you understand the ROI of your contact center investment. The values are based on a study of four NICE CXone customers in the Forrester Consulting study, The Total Economic Impact of NICE CXone.
Contact center assessments
Identify contact center opportunities for improvement, evaluate how your call center compares to peers and know which steps to take when it comes to your contact center KPIs with these self-guided assessments.
What AI does your contact center need?

This self-guided interactive flow-chart recommendation tool uses your goals, challenges and AI-readiness to suggest the most-fitting AI use case for your contact center.

Agent maturity model assessment

Improving customer experience begins with the agent. Use this quick 10-question assessment to identify opportunities to improve your contact center agent experience.

AI readiness assessment

This Forrester Consulting tool indicates how ready your organization is for implementing contact center artificial intelligence. Based on your score, get recommendations for improving.
Customer experience (CX) maturity assessment
Answer ten quick questions to understand the best opportunities for how to improve your customer experience.

Digital readiness assessment

Determine the customer interaction channels that will return the most value for your goals. Fulfill the self-guided prompts to generate a PDF of recommendations.

Call center templates, worksheets and quizzes
These free contact center templates and worksheets will help you plan, manage and identify how to improve your contact center performance.
Proactive contact center operations toolkit
With this ICMI self-guided toolkit, use the built-in worksheet to build agility, be more proactive and get smarter with your contact center operations.

Agent maturity toolkit

Evaluate and benchmark your contact center’s agent maturity with this toolkit guide and built-in worksheet. Tally the findings to see exactly how to improve your agent experience.
Customer experience maturity model toolkit
This ICMI guide includes a worksheet to help you calculate your CX Maturity and understand actionable next steps for improving customer satisfaction.

Spot the bot quiz

This quiz teaches you about AI fundamentals as you try to identify examples of human and computer. Can you spot the bot?